AMT celebrates its 10th anniversary

06 Apr 2018

Ten years back, many papers with a focus on atmospheric measurement techniques were published in the EGU journal ACP, often labelled "technical notes". As the existing EGU journals were consolidating their reputation and new ones were being considered, the idea was borne to establish a journal specifically dedicated to atmospheric measurement techniques. This idea was very positively received by many scientists engaged in this field. Also, the willingness to serve as associate editor on a voluntary basis for the new journal was very encouraging.

In 2008 the new journal Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT) was launched. In spite of the fact that authors had to be convinced to take the risk of submitting their papers to a journal with a possibly uncertain future and, at the time, no guarantee of inclusion in journal databases, the submissions to the new journal rapidly increased.

Currently, the number of published papers is about 300 per year. More than 100 associated editors support the journal. AMT has become a leading journal in the field, a success all contributors can be proud of.

The EGU Publications Committee and the co-editors-in-chief will celebrate the 10th anniversary of AMT during an evening reception, open to all, at the EGU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna, taking place at the PICO spot 5a on Tuesday, 10 April at 19:00.